[Official] Hotel Sun Rural Ogata




The luxurious flow of time that is embraced by rich nature
Taste Akita delicacies and the world's leading Ogata Moor Hot Springs which is good for maintaining skin healthy


Attraction of the hotel


Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms.
Guests can choose the type of room from single, twin and Japanese style.
The single room has a sofa bed, therefore you can use it for two people as a studio twin room.
Please spend a relaxing time while watching the scenery.

Hot spring

You can enjoy the scenic hot springs on the top-floor of the hotel and the adjacent bathing facility, "Polder-lagoon hot water".
The source of amber-colored natural hot springs is seawater of 5 million years ago, and the quality of springs is rare worldwide as "Moor hot springs".
It is said to be good for maintaining beautiful skin because it warms the body to the core in a short time and contains many natural moisturizing ingredients.

Hours of use of the hot spring in the hotel
From 11:30 to 8:30 the next morning
* First Monday and 3 Monday will be closed due to large cleaning.

Use time of hot water in Polder lagoon
6:00 to 22:00
* Closed on the second Tuesday.


Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisines can be chosen at the two restaurants in the hotel, which use ingredients from Ogata-mura and abundant Oga seafood.
We have Japanese- or Western-style buffets for breakfast.
Please enjoy being surrounded by the pleasure of food that is a treasure trove of ingredients.

Opening hours of the 8 th floor Japanese-style dining windmill "Mohren"
Lunch time from 11: 30 to 15: 00 (last order 14: 00)
Dinner time from 17: 30 to 21: 30 (last order 20: 30)

Opening hours of comet "Comet" coming from the 1st floor China Sichuan Cuisine
Lunch time from 11: 30 to 14: 00 (last order 14: 00)
Tea time from 14: 00 to 17: 00 (last order 17: 00)
Dinner time from 17: 00 to 21: 00 (last order 20: 30)
Ramen corner From 21: 00 to 24: 00 (last order 23: 30)

* Business hours may change depending on the season and reservation situation.
* It may be full depending on the reservation situation.


Popular Japanese and Western buffet with plenty of fresh vegetables from Ogata Village.
We offer a variety of menus to enjoy depending on the season.
Including freshly cooked Akitakomachi, bread, drinks, desserts, etc.
It is something that can be enjoyed by business customers and families with children.
Enjoy a fuller breakfast while watching the courtyard.

※Depending on the conditions of the day, it may be served as a set meal. Please be forewarned.


We can handle various situations.
Please contact the front desk for late night check-in and any special needs during your stay.
We have various facilities including an open lobby, shops where local specialties are lined up, a wedding salon, chapel and so on.
Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the building.


Access by car

Approximately 15 minutes from Kotooka Moritake interchange

Access by rail

From JR Akita Shinkansen Tokyo Station to Akita Station (approximately 4 hours 28 minutes)
From JR Ou Main Line Akita Station to Hachirogata Station (approximately 23 minutes)
From Hachirogata Station to the hotel by car or taxi (approximately 20 minutes)

There is a pickup service from Hachirogata Station to the hotel.
[the exclusive dial for a reservation: +81-185-45-3332]
• The 1st bus departs the hotel at 8:10 and arrives at Hachirogata Station at about 8:30, the bus departs Hachirogata Station at 8:55 and arrives at the hotel at about 9:15.
•The 3rd bus departs the hotel at 15:25 and arrives at Hachirogata at about 15:45, the bus departs Hachirogata Station at 16:00 and arrives at about 16:20.
* Please make a reservation for use by the day before. (When there are no reservations, the bus will not run.)
* Please understand beforehand that depending on the bus reservations, additional passengers may be refused.

Access by air

From Haneda Airport to Akita Airport (approximately 55 minutes)
From Akita Airport take a car or taxi (approximately one hour 30 minutes)

Access by bus

From Shinjuku Station to Akita Station (by express bus approximately ten hours)
From Akita Station by car or taxi (approximately one hour)

Please also use Ogata-mura My Town Bus

When departure or arrival time of the pick-up bus does not suit your schedule, you can not be sure of making a reservation for the pick-up bus, but the Ogata-mura My Town Bus is convenient.
It is available reservation-free for one way at 100 yen.
The timetable is available on the homepage of the Ogata-mura Office.